Everybody’s cars have been sat for a little while whilst we have been in our third national Lockdown, Now that we are starting to get back to work, get out a little more and use our cars more, often you may be going back to your car, cleaning it for the first time and releasing… where on earth did all these swirls in my paint come from?!

These swirls are on most cars over a certain age, that hasn’t been cleaned properly, using improper tools and sponges that are too abrasive will cause swirls in your paintwork. However, although the damage has been done now this can still be undone, with a little bit of elbow grease and some hard work here and there.

If you want your car getting back to a garage quality look and that it has just been driven out of a showroom again, then you need to get rid of those swirls in your paint work. At CAR Valeting, we can do just this for you with a two stage machine polish done right at your home for you, if you would prefer to do it yourself though, here is how you can do it.

What tools will you need to remove the swirls from your car?

  • A machine polisher – you can use a hand polisher if you would prefer, but this may take considerably longer than expected.
  • A good quality microfibre cloth – These are inexpensive and can prevent you from ruining your paintwork further
  • A high quality polish – The best ones usually come from high end car cleaning specialists, try and spend some good money on a high quality gloss finish polish if possible.

So, how do we actually get those swirls out of the paintwork of the car?

Step 1

Make sure that your car is completely clean and free from contaminants, tar, bugs and dust.If you do go ahead and try to polish a already dirty car, you may find that you cause more damage in doing so. The dust, tar and dirt can aggravate the paint causing more swirls. Worst case senario you can actually scratch the paintwork in the process.

If you can once the car is in the cleaning process, go over the car with a clay bar to try and get all the really hard bits or dirt and tar off of the car.

Step 2

Remove the paintwork swirls and defects with a machine polish. Move through the car panel by panel polishing at varying speeds and pressures. Do not press to hard through or you risk again, putting more swirls back into the paintwork.

Follow yourself round with a microfibre cloth ensure to wipe away any fall out dust from the polishing process. This can happen as you are putting the polish onto the car, especially on warm days, it may dry and form a dust payer over the top of your paintwork. Once you have finished removing the swirls from the panel remove the dust layer caused by the polish with a like stroke of the microfibre cloth.

Step 3

The final step is to seal all that hard work in. Using a high quality, wax, sealant or coating will help increase the longevity of your finish.

Now stand back and admire all your hard work!

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